WHRIN Expert Testimonies

Witchcraft and Human Rights Information Network

WHRIN Expert Discussion Series: Khola Hassan from zoe young on Vimeo.

WHRIN Expert Discussion Series: Jean Lafontaine from zoe young on Vimeo.

The aim of this film series is to collate interviews with people from around the world who have significant expertise in the understandings of beliefs in witchcraft, spirit possession and juju. WHRIN looks to interview academics, activists, faith leaders and community leaders on these issues.

What I Used To Know – Ghana

Iā€™m a better adventurer than an IT project manager, so when a colleague from Friends of the Earth Ghana called in 2010 to say that they needed a film about the Witch Camps, I was soon back amongst the mud huts, learning about systemic injustice on a family scale through the eyes of women survivors of violent witch hunts. Another serious eye opener, our film for SOSYWEN ā€“ What I Used to Know ā€“ went on Ghana TV and is used in human rights education. I continue to work with WHRIN producing expert testimonies on witchcraft abuse.