Soil Culture – Young Shoots

A commission from the Centre for Contemporary Art and the Natural World

The film toured in CCANW’s Soil Culture – Young Shoots exhibition:

14 Nov 2015 to 3 Jan 2016 in Hauser & Wirth, Bruton, Somerset

8 Jan to 21 Feb 2016 in Eden Project, Bodelva, Cornwall

28 Feb to 9 Apr 2016 in Thelma Hulbert, Honiton, Devon

18 Apr to 5 Jun 2016 in White Moose, Barnstaple, Devon

13 Jun to 31 Jul 2016 in Peninsula Arts, Plymouth, Devon

Suits and Savages – Why the World Bank Won’t Save the Tiger

Suits and Savages – Why the World Bank Won’t Save the Tiger from zoe young on Vimeo.

Conservation politics writ large.. Who holds the money? Who loses land? What becomes of threatened animals like the Bengal Tiger when humans can’t even talk to each each other?

This film takes a long zoom from forest gardens of southern India to the corridors of power in the World Bank, Washington DC, along the way exposing some of the obstacles facing the multibillion dollar Global Environment Facility …

WHRIN Expert Testimonies

Witchcraft and Human Rights Information Network

WHRIN Expert Discussion Series: Khola Hassan from zoe young on Vimeo.

WHRIN Expert Discussion Series: Jean Lafontaine from zoe young on Vimeo.

The aim of this film series is to collate interviews with people from around the world who have significant expertise in the understandings of beliefs in witchcraft, spirit possession and juju. WHRIN looks to interview academics, activists, faith leaders and community leaders on these issues.

Sauti ya Jamii – Voice of the Community

With InsightShare I work to enable marginalized communities to make films themselves that express their needs and values on their own terms, ie not according to perspectives imposed by governments, companies, or indeed media consultants like me. 
With researchers at the University of East Anglia, as an InsightShare associate in 2014 we enabled Tanzanian farmers to make films about fairness in forests where conservation and markets are at work. This is one of the films produced in the Kilwa region.

Mining for Gold – Fairer Taxes for Natural Riches

Mining for Gold – Fairer Taxes for Natural Riches from zoe young on Vimeo.

High Level Symposium:

Transfer Pricing: Fairness in Taxing Multinationals and Extractive Industries
October 3rd & 4th 2013 – Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

With TJN, KEPA, Agenda Participation 2000 and more.

Speakers include Sol Picciotto, Lee Corrick, Moses Kulaba, Joyce Addae Kumi, Krishen Mehta, John Christensen, Pamela Chisanga, Tundu Lissu, Attiya Waris, mine-affected communities

Felicity Lawrence Uses ‘The Banana Case’ to Explain Transfer Pricing

Felicity Lawrence Uses 'The Banana Case' to Explain Transfer Pricing from zoe young on Vimeo.

Investigative Journalist at the Guardian newspaper, speaking at the
Seminar on Transfer Pricing: Alternative Methods of Taxation of Multinationals
hosted by The Tax Justice Network, Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland and KEPA
The Parliament of Finland, Helsinki
13-14th June 2012

Creative Commons License
Felicity Lawrence Uses ‘The Banana Case’ to Explain Transfer Pricing by Tax Justice Network is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

A Message to the African Wildlife Foundation (AWF)

A Message to the African Wildlife Foundation (AWF) from zoe young on Vimeo.

Nakuru Lemiruni sends a message to those responsible for evicting the Samburu tribe from their land..

The Samburu of Kisargei, in Kenya’s Laikipia district, were brutally evicted from the lands they call home in 2010 after the land was sold to the African Wildlife Foundation (AWF). AWF, using funds from The Nature Conservancy (TNC), says it bought the land on the understanding that no-one lived there. When the Samburu protested and took the matter to the courts the land was hurriedly ‘gifted’ to the government.

Police chose a Friday “market day” for their attack, when the men were away and only women, elders, and children were in their homes. Fanning out across the 17,000- acre Eland Downs Ranch, police burned the Samburu families’ homes to the ground, along with all their possessions.

Identified in the Kenyan press as “squatters,” the evicted Samburu families petitioned a regional court to recognize their ancestral claims to the land where they lived and grazed their cattle The suit has been filed by the Samburu against the African Wildlife Foundation and the former President.They need money and public support to win.